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Why work with Tallertronic?

  • We sell, buy and repair brand independent
  • More than 15 years of experience with repairing and selling industrial electronics
  • A machine breakdown is not a struggle, but a daily challenge for us
  • Finding the best deal for our customers, that’s our main goal
  • We have more than 60.000 items on stock
  • Problem solvers is our middle name.


Tallertronic is your best partner to sell, buy and repair your industrial electronics! We are the Spanish partner in the field of industrial electronics. Our skilled team of engineer always wants to solve your problem.



Our dedicated team of engineers are ready to repair your item. This can be done in an economical way or in a fast way. Even if your part is custom made, we can fix it, because our engineers are equipped with advanced measure and test equipment. Even if this part is twenty-five or two years old.

Do you have any questions? please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.



You can use our exchange service if a similar part is available on stock. This way you get a discount for your defective part. When you choose an exchange, we will ship the part as fast as possible to you. After you have received the working part you have one month to send your defective part to Tallertronic.

By choosing our exchange services you have a fast and economical solution.



We have a large stock of industrial electronics ready to shipped worldwide. These parts can be new and refurbished and from any decade. We can help you keep your older systems and production lines in operation, without you having to invest in recent technology and making upgrades.

Are you or your customer having a serious malfunction with industrial electronics? And you’re looking for a quick solution? Let us help you finding this part, even if we don’t have it on stock. We have a large network of partners.



If you are having overstock, conversion or dissembled a production line, we are very happy to offer you some value for that! Your electronics will be cleaned and refurbished, so they can help somebody else.

This way we also work on preventing a lot of electronic waste, and making it more to a circular economy.